What's an esk8 or electric skateboard ?

Well, an electric skateboard is a skateboard with a battery and one or more electric motor, controlled by a remote. It's meant to transport people with style using "clean" energy.

Although not super affordable, it's good alternative way of transportation. People also use it to go around or commute but it's also an extreme sport (the speed record on an electric longboard is 95.83 km/h - 59.55 mph); some people even build mountain electric skateboard so they can ride everywhere they want on rough terrain.

Composition of an electric skateboard

It's actually composed parts you would find on a regular skateboard or longboard, plus a few extra (in italic).

  • a deck (+ grip tape)
  • trucks
  • wheels
  • wheel bearings
  • drivetrain (external electric motor, pulleys and belt or hub motor)
  • battery
  • ESC (Electronic Speed Control) unit
  • remote control and receiver

See ? It's not that bad is it ?

Each part has its importance though and must not be neglected. And we have detailed docs for each of them: