Electric Skateboards?

What's that?

Can I make one?

How does it work?

Can I buy one?

Is it legal?

Can I ride one?

Is it efficient?

Theory behind the esk8

Before going anywhere, check out how an electric skate works, what parts it's using and how they fit together

Read the docs

Build your own

Buying an esk8 isn't fun enough? Build your own! Roll up your sleeves, take your parts, grab your tools and dive right in

Begin to build

Buying/Riding an esk8

Feeling lazy? Find a ready-to-ride electric skateboard. Already got your board? Check our articles before going for your first ride.

Read and learn
esk8 bible logo

The 10 commandments of esk8

You shall do some research before buying or building your 1st esk8

You shall always have fun, always

You shall always wear proper equipment while riding

You shall always check your entire board before leaving

You shall not run over pedestrians, cats, dogs or squirrels (pigeons are ok)

You shall try racing against a Tesla (but you will fail)

You shall try to get back home before your battery runs flat

You shall always ride sober (even if it's boring)

You shall ignore the haters (haters' gonna hate)

You shall share the passion with others

Looking to buy an esk8, esk8 parts, batteries, enclosures, motors, controller...? Check out our stores list to easily find what you need.

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Wanna ride with other e-skaters? Or just have a look at products and try? There might be an esk8 community near you

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Got some money to buy a pre-built esk8? Check out our esk8 list to compare them and find the best one for you

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